Procedures, Therapies & Treatments For Buttock Pain

Hello everyone. I want to share things that have helped me after dealing with symptoms of pudendal neuralgia, piriformis syndrome, coccydynia, and sciatica for almost 18 years. I’ve become more functional and I can sit (with the help of my cushion) for hours with significantly less pain. These are the treatments and therapy I’ve done, in no particular order (except for the diagnostic pudendal nerve block):
2 Bilateral pudendal nerve blocks (more diagnostic than therapeutic)
Internal myofascial release therapy
Pulsed radiofrequency of the pudendal nerve, ganglion impar, S1-S5, and coccygeal nerve (not done contemporaneously)
Platelet Lysate Hydrodissection of pudendal nerve
Botox Injected into obturator internus and piriformis muscle
Dry needling
A quality seat/ donut cushion: This is important. I used several cushions before finding the one that works for me.
I’ve developed a passion and desire to see people recover and get their life back. If you're interested in the details of the procedure and the type of cushion I use, message me. Thank you.